McClelland’s Critters Zoo is a family oriented zoo.  
What started as a place where the special needs could
come out and feed the animals grew to a full scale
zoo.  Mike McClelland, the owner, had to eventually
open it to the public to help with the cost of feeding
the animals.
McClelland’s Critters Zoo is located in Banks, Al on
70 wooded acres.  You will see on the tree lined drive
coming in, goats, miniature horses, and emus to the
right, to the left raccoons, macaque, monkeys, and
birds.  As you get out and wonder around, “Mr.
Mike” will take you on a guided tour of what
McClelland’s Critters Zoo has to offer.  This is an
educated tour, perfect for schools, senior citizens
groups, scouts, socials, and church groups.
We have a wide variety of animals to see.  How many
of you can say that you’ve ever seen a liger? (This is
not misspelled, a liger is a lion and a tiger mixed), we
have two of those.  How about a grizzly bear that
will take a marshmellow from Mikes mouth?  We also
have Rick and Bubba, 6 ft. tall black bears that
weigh over 600 lbs.  We have snakes, birds, lions,
tigers, bears,deer,Scottish Highlanders,kangaroos,
ducks, goats,sheep,monkeys, just to name a few.
McClelland's  Zoo
753 Co. Rd.  6618
Banks, Al.  36005