McClelland's Zoo
If you would like to help with enrichment items,
please visit the
On this website you can find the large 30" planet
ball that all of our big cats and others love having
for enrichment.
McClelland's Zoo appreciates any donations.

We can use any maintenance supplies such as hammers, shovels, nails, garden hoses,
wood, trash bags, paper towels, rags, bleach.

Food Items that we can use, marshmallows, nuts, bread, raisins, apples and bananas.

Animal enrichment items that we can use are toddler safe toys, blanket, sports
balls, boomer balls.

*Boomer balls are made to withstand the power of exotic animals such as bears,
and large cats.  They can be ordered directly through the company that produces
them and shipped to the zoo.  Please visit
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